CRESCENDO Solar-powered LED Bollards by SpotOn Solar

Solar-Powered LED Ground Lighting

Solar-Powered LED Ground Lighting

Solar-Powered LED Ground Lighting Solar-Powered LED Ground Lighting Solar-Powered LED Ground Lighting

Specializing in Grid-free, Solar-Powered LED Ground Lighting featuring our Crescendo Bollard Light, Information Cases, Path & Trail Delineators, Wall, Step, and Low-Height Pole Solar Lighting and Landscape Accent Lighting



Specializing in Solar-Powered LED Ground Lighting


We're a direct factory sales and OEM company dedicated to specialized, outdoor, solar-powered ground lighting.

Our Passion and Mission

  • Our passion:  constant learning in solar-powered lighting to always have product sourcing associations with the very best solar-powered LED products made by quality companies.  
  • Our mission: to continually learn, to educate ourselves and our clients, to demonstrate, and capably represent quality made, outdoor solar-powered LED lighting products used for landscape beauty, practical utility, and improved safety.

In fulfilling our mission we represent and work with only companies and manufacturers who are leaders in quality and innovation of solar-powered LED ground lighting with years of proven success in these limited areas:

Architectural Bollard Lights

Poster Information Cases

Low Height Pole Lights

Wall  & Garden Lights

Path & Trail Delineator Lights


British Sourced SolarEye 80 Delineators for Paths Walkways, and Vertical Applications


Deck and Path Lights by SolarEye

Your satisfaction is our priority.  We'll strive to provide services and solar lighting products of which you can be proud.  We start every landscape lighting project by providing a thorough consultation to understand your goals and the needs of the project. We do this to guarantee that the project is completed according to your preferences.  

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